Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The official website of Gopher Dive (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) is operated by Ark Dive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).
By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.
The Terms of Use may be subject to change. Please confirm the latest content.
This website is also linked to other websites operated by the Company.
Please note that you must also agree to the terms of use listed in those places and websites when using them.


All contents (such as sentences, charts, images, photos, videos, music, programs, etc) on this website are protected by copyright law and other laws.
Unauthorized use and unauthorized reproduction of part or all contents are strictly prohibited.
However, in individual contents, if conditions of use are indicated individually, or when linking to contents indicating it, that condition takes precedence.

Text and Contents

The company does not make any warranties regarding the documents and contents of this website.
Even if there is a mistake in the contents of the document on the website, the company is not liable at all.
In addition, please be aware that the matters described in the documents on this website may be changed without notice, so please be aware in advance.

Date of publication and its contents

Information posted on this website is information at the time of publication.
Please be forewarned that it may be changed after publication.

About links

External links are provided on this website for your convenience. We are not responsible for the content of linked websites, as websites linked to outside are not under the control of our company.
In addition, as a general rule, please link to the top page of this website (https://www.gopherdive.com/) when linking to this website.
However, links from sites corresponding to the following items are not accepted.

  1. Contents slandering our company
  2. A site that disturbs or fears our business
  3. A site that offers or is likely to provide content that is against public order and
    morals, or that does not comply with the law.Others we judge that is in conflict
    with our site


  1. We are not responsible for the suspension, flaws of contents of this site, losses and damage caused by them, at all.
  2. Our company basically does not participate in user communication and activities.
    Even the unlikely event there is a conflict between the user, unless it is determined that the malicious act, it shall be resolved by the parties, the Company will not assume the responsibility.
  3. Users are responsible for their actions on this website bulletin board / blog. In the event that a contribution etc. violates laws or violation of the right such as copyright, etc., in addition to civil liability such as compensation for damages, criminal liability is sometimes asked.
  4. In the case where any provision of law or user Terms of Use you or other users do not comply, it is right that you have against the Company, claims, legal actions, litigation, exempts the company from all of the proceedings , shall be released.By using this website bulletin board / blog, users are deemed to agree on the contents of all of these terms of use.
  5. If refunds occur with regard to cooling-off, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
    Basically each service (all services we do, all of money generated between you and us) will not be refunded for more than 7 days after the transfer.
  6. Applicable law of this Terms of Service is Japanese law. Regarding disputes arising between the Company and you in connection with the Company or this agreement, the Okinawa District Court shall be the court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction.

Personal Information Protection

In providing various services, we conduct appropriate information management based on the privacy policy. For privacy information handling please see the privacy policy.

Inquiries about Terms of Service

We will promptly and appropriately respond to inquiries regarding the terms and conditions of use of this website.
Inquiries regarding the terms of use of this site are available below.
Gopher Dive
Phone: 080-1751-3623

About change of Terms of Service

Terms of use this site are subject to changes without notice for the purpose of improving this service and this site publication. When we change the terms of use of our site, we will make it public on this page. Terms of use of the changed site will be effective from the time the Effective Date is displayed on the site.

Supplementary Provisions Terms of use of this site shall be established and executed on June 1, 2018.