Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Definition of personal information

Personal information is information about a living individual, were you can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, address, telephone number, other data etc. included in the information.
This includes those that can be checked comparing other information, thereby identifying a particular individual.

About collecting personal information

When we collect your personal information on each service provided by the company, we will inform the purpose of use of personal information and collect it with your consent.

About purpose of using personal information

We will not use your personal information for purposes other than the purpose of use announced at the time of collecting personal information.
The purpose of using personal information collected by our company is as follows.

Purpose of use of personal information for those using our service
  1. As a billing destination for the usage fee of each service based on the terms of use and the usage fee list (description on HP).
  2. As a destination to send a confirmation email when you confirm, cancel or change your registration information.
  3. As reference information when confirming, investigating, or replying to the inquiries received regarding us or each service provided by our company.
  4. To send a notice of information that may be useful to the customer, such as information about the services provided by our company or other technical support or new services, new products, or improvements in function.
  5. Based on personal information you registered, aggregate it as statistical information to the extent that it can not be identified as an individual, and use it as reference material for useful service development for customers.

About the safety management of personal information

By taking organizational, physical, human and technical measures, we will prevent unauthorized intrusion of personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage etc. of personal information.

Retention period

The company establishes the period of retention of the customer’s personal information within the scope necessary for the purpose of use, and the personal information of the customer is erased without delay after the retention period or the purpose of use is achieved. “Each service” is erased after 10 years after the contract is completed. However, there will be exceptions if it falls below.

  1. When it is necessary to preserve according to the provisions of laws and ordinances.
  2. When there is consent of the person in question.
  3. When there is a reasonable reason for not erasing such personal information.
  4. In addition to the cases listed in the preceding three items, if there are special reasons for not deleting the personal information.

About disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

If the customer himself wishes to notify us of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or use of personal information, we will promptly respond to you in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the company. The procedure is as follows by email, telephone or fax, and we shall provide the changes immediately.

Inquiries about personal Information

We will promptly and appropriately respond to your complaints and other inquiries about the handling of personal information.
Inquiries regarding personal information are available below: Gopher Dive
Phone: 080-1751-3623

Change of personal information protection policy

When we change the personal information we collect, change the purpose of use, or change the privacy policy of other personal information, we will announce it with the change to this page. The personal Information protection policy after the change will be effective from the time when the effective date is displayed on the site.

The Personal Information protection policy shall be enacted and implemented on June 1, 2018.