We are an welcoming space where young people and active senior customers can enjoy a relaxing California inspired resort feeling with the prime japanese service, regardless if domestic or overseas clients.

Staying at “Hotel Noah” adjacent to Gopher Diving, you can relax after a busy dive in the morning.

1 minute drive to the marina. There is an Okinawan restaurant next door, so you can spend a fulfilling after-dive.

  1. Gopher Staff
  2. Company's Boat

Gopher Staff

-Ayumu Nakamura-

Nickname Bibi
Home Town Sappolo City, Hokkaido
Birthday February 15th
Blood Type O
How I spend my day off Fishing, running, boildering and drinking
Hobby eat, sleep, laugh and sometime work.
Favorite fish Giant trevally(I wanna fishing)
Yaeyama Coral Blenny(Good smile)
Octopus, puffer fish, squid(I wanna chasing)
Comment "Dosanko" 31 years old, I'm Bibi of Gopher diving manager!
I'm hooked on this job from I tried to work at very warm Okinawa sea!
Sea from land, Sea from surface on the sea, and Sea from underwater,,,
You'll have a mind-broadening experience at "Chura-umi" which we proud!

Please enjoy the boat dive to Kerama Island National Park

Boat dive is more comfortable with our own ship LEGEND

In July 2007, "LEGEND" was brought for the company's main dive shop "ARKDIVE", which was designed with the concept of "ultimate comfort".
It stays anchored 15 minutes by car at Ginowan Marina.
Dynamic landscape, colorful countless fish, jackfish tornadoes, sea turtles etc.
Diving with comfort on the sea of Okinawa, one of the world's most transparent. Hot water shower, western toilet, 3 privative changing rooms. Cushions are installed in all the seats so that customers can enjoy cruising comfortably. There is a luggage storage (dry room), AED,medicinal oxygen kit, emergency life floaters all located on the first floor.
The second floor space also has a big sun shading tent, so it is safe for persons who are concerned about sunburn.
In addition, hot water and a microwave are also part of the amenities so instant food can be prepared or you can have your lunch warmed!
In winter, a bath with seawater using the heat of the engine is also prepared ♪
You can warm your body after a cold dive. Inside, a comfortable and spacious deck with a veteran captain.
Why do not experience Okinawa dive like a dream and with some luxury once, at least?

Boat Name LEGEND
Full Length 14.0m
Full width 4m
Maximum number of passengers 32
Engine YANMAR Equipped with 450 horsepower diesel
Maximum speed 29 knots