Company Overview

Company Overview

Manager philosophy

Nice to meet you, I am Ayumu Nakamura. I was born in Sapporo City, Hokkaido and moved to this Island.
After working as a car mechanic, I have been involved in the hospitality industry for about ten years and I am passionate on interacting with people.
When I was 25, I went to America alone and traveled across the United States by bicycle for three months. It was a once in a life-time experience away from Japan.
A lot of people visit Okinawa and Japan all year round. It is packed with excitement for each person, so many first experiences and new discoveries for everyone.
At the “Churaumi” sea in Okinawa, I want them to experience it, as many people as possible.
For those who have done diving and snorkeling before or for those who haven’t, please spend the time of your life with us at “Gopher Diving Okinawa”!

Gopher Diving Manager, Ayumu Nakamura

Management philosophy


Management philosophy

About Us

Company name ARK Dive Corporation
Address (Head office) Uchidomari 764, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture.
Postal Code: 〒 901 – 2227
Phone (Head office) 098-897-1234
FAX (Head office) 098-897-7047
E-Mail (Head office)
URL (Head office)
Representative Director and President Hajime Shirakawa
Foundation Year 1995
Establishement Year 2005
Main Businesses
  1. Scuba Diving – Marine Activities – Planning and management of leisure tours
  2. Marine leisure goods sale, repair, rental
  3. Restaurant industry
  4. Operation and management of Hotel
  5. Property / casualty insurance agent business
  6. All business related to the preceding items
Capital Stock 10,000,000円
Type of Industry Diving Service
Number of Employees 17

Executives Introduction

Representative Director and President Hajime Shirakawa
Senior Managing Director Yōsuke Nishio
Director Takeshi Igarashi


1995 Shirakawa founded a small diving shop in Okinawa.
1996 Became responsible for Meiō University’s diving subjects
1997 Opens a dive shop called Mask Diving Club in Onna Village, Seragaki
1998 Relocate the shop to Azamiyagi 2 – 208, Chatan Town, Nakagami-gun.
Changes the name to Ark Dive.
Starts a high-pressure gas manufacturing business with diving services
2004 New office established on 4th floor of the same building.
2005 Hajime Shirakawa established ARK Dive as Company.
2006 Established a subsidiary company, Max Air. Tie up a business alliance.
Relocated the office from 4th floor to 5th floor.
2008 Changes Ark Dive from Association to a Company, Limited.
2010 Established a new store in Uchidomari 764, Ginowan City.
At the same time starts the accommodation business (Hotel Noah).
2011 Starts a parasailing total support business (Parasailing Adventure Okinawa)
2013 Starts a parasailing service (Skywalker Parasail)
2016 Starts Okinawa cuisine and shabu-shabu restaurant & Izakaya (Akaga-ra)
2018 Starts a diving shop (Gopher Diving Okinawa) at Mihama, Chatan Town