Our trip perfect!! | Snorkeling

We went to the Kerama Island for snorkeling today!!
The guests were Team Norway.
They did snorkeling at Blue Cave yesterday so they are good swimmer!

Today’s Comment💛

I thought it was really nice.
Good service and explaining.
Really nice boat trip and snorkeling.[Gjert]

I had a great day snorkeling top locations and great instructor.
Very nice boat. I really recommend this trip[Ing]
It was amazing.
A lot of beautiful and different fish.
Our Instructor Emmy was fantastic and, showed us shark and turtles.
And she made our trip perfect!!
Fun to get pictures so we can keep the good memories![Linn]

We had a fantastic day at sea Emmy was a great instructor.
We stopped at three beautiful locations, saw a lot of fish and turtles. Nice boat and crew.[Elin]

We can see lots of green turtle and hawksbill turtle!🐢
and Shark too!!!🦈

They will go back Norway tomorrow🛫
Take a rest and enjoy in Okinawa😻
Thank you very much for coming today!
Hope we can take you more adventure😘

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