very very Beautiful💖| Fun Diving

We went to the Kerama Island today.💖
The guests were from Korea!

They are diving over 250times.✨
It was 1st time for Fun dive at Kerama!😍

GopherDive in Okinawa very good.
Nice ocean! friendly staff.
Lemon nudi is so beautiful.
Thank you.:D

Okinawa! very very Beautiful💖
Gopher Dive💖
Thank you!!

Kerama blue is always amazing.

Thank you for joining today💖

Dive 1
Diving point : Maejima Is,Paraiso
Visibility :30m

Dive 2
Diving point : Tokashiki Is,Nozaki
Visibility :20m

Dive 3
Diving point : Kurosima Is,Kurokita
Visibility :20m

Weather : Sunny
Ground Temperature : 27℃
Water Temperature :26℃
Wind Direction : South-east(6m/s)
Swell : 1.5→2.0m

By Bibi

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