The guide was amazing. | Discover Diving

Today, we went to Cape Maeda for discover diving.

Kisente is from U.S who is living Korea.👍

Sunshine was beautiful😍

Blue cave is also beautiful.

Today’s comments💛

The guide was amazing. Gopher dive really took time to ensure how to proper wear and use equipment. In addition, they make sure how to stay safe whether it’s learning the sign language or how to breath underwater. Definitely, recommend this to anyone!! [Kisente]

From after noon, Kevin is from Canada and Yuri is local people💖

Kevin took so many under water photography with his TG-5✨
Thank you for give us the deta😍

Today’s comments😉

This Dive was perfect! Heitor was amazing. He gave me confidence from the beginning. He was very supportive and gave me some freedom attend. These leaders were safe, fun, and knowledgeable. I will come back again! Thank you!! [Kevin]

We really had fun!!![YURI OSHIRO]

Thank you for joining today!
Next time, will hope take you to the Kerama Island!😍

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