The ocean was full of life! | Fun Diving

Anjelica joined us for one more adventure to Tonaki Island, a really special place!

【Anjelica Jardiel】
Went on the best dives of my life with Gopher Divers on the sunniest, clearest, calmest day
I´d been waiting for. We took a boat to Tonaki Island for 3 sites – Blue Corner, Blue Hole and Angela´s Entrance.
The ocean was full of life – colorful corals and anemones, crazy-looking fish, tiny jelly-fish and many turtles.
We even heard a whale in the distance. The guys made me feel safe, comfortable and well taken cared of.
I would 100% dive with them again when I return to Okinawa.
Thank you so much. I will never forget this experience.

We could hit all 3 main spots: the Blue Corner, the Blue Hole and Angela’s Entrance. Really, really awesome dives, each dive completely different of another.

And with sea calm like a pool, the sun shining all day long and the company of our amazing guest, the day was PERFECT!

Come and join us to check one of the best dive sites in Okinawa! 😊

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