Blue Cave and Red Beach! | Fun Diving

After a long time away from the water, Mr. Fujie came to our shop for two fun dives!

The first point was the famous Blue Cave at Maeda Cape, on the bucket list of many divers coming to Okinawa.

The second point was the Red Beach!

The only point with a supermarket cart underwater 😁!

It was fully loaded of “Nudis”, making it a special point for macro photographers.

Are you too away from the sea for a long time?
Come to us and we will solve your problem with a great dive trip!!!😉

Weather : Rainy
Ground Temperature : 22℃
Water Temperature :22℃
Wind Direction : West8m/s → Northeast5m/s
Swell : 2.5mts
Diving point :Cape maeda → RedBeach
BY Bibi

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