这是一次难忘的潜水!! | Discover Diving

Mr. Lynn came straight from China to check the beautiful sea of Okinawa!
This time we went to Sunabe and the visibility was incredible, and all the fish we really like to introduce were present 😄!!!

Today’s comment💖
这是一次难忘的潜水,两名教练很认真很nice,第一次潜水很紧张,但是教练的指导让我很快的进入了状态,自由的徜徉大海,日本的海水很漂亮,这次冲绳的之行的潜水我会分享给我的朋友们,也会推荐他们来感受,最后还是特别感谢两位教练,他们人很好, 颜值超高,下次来冲绳还会来玩

Mr. Lynn got amazed and left us with the promisse to comeback to check more of the beautiful marine life of Okinawa 😊👌!!

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