On our last dive of 2018!! | Fun Diving

On our last dive of 2018, Fukasawa sama came all the way from Osaka to dive with us and to make sure that our year would be awesome until the last day!!!😊
And indeed it was an amazing diving with not so usual marine life showing up to our cameras!

Please join us on the first dives of the year!!! 😉

↑ She is watching from big tires.

Halgerda diaphana🌟



I am….

Greyface moray!!

Diving point : Gollira Chop (Sakimotobu)
Visibility :12m

Weather : Cloudy
Ground Temperature : 14℃
Water Temperature :24℃
Wind Direction : North-east(7m/s)
Swell : 3.5m

By Bibi & Heitor

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