What made the day so nice! | Fun diving & Snorkeling

Special guests straight from Thailand! A mix of snorkeling and fun diving, the day was incredible with so much to see!

It was a wonderful experience out in the ocean today
and what made the day so nice were Bibi & Eight.
Thank you so much for taking care of us very very well.
We look forward to diving with you again! 🙂
Very nice experience snorkeling in ´´Okinawa blue“ .
Staff are very friendly and helpful!
It´s was very fun and the staff are very nice.
They are taking good care of us. The equipments are properly prepared.
The ride/boat are nice, the meal is delicious.
Thank you for this wonderful experience, would recommend
to our friends for sure!

Please join us on the next dive trip, Kerama will always surprise you 😌!
Sawasdee krap!🙏🏻

Dive 1
Diving point : Tokashiki Is,Arigar Cable
Visibility :20m

Dive 2
Diving point : Zamami Is,Toma No.2
Visibility :20m

Dive 3
Diving point : Tokashiki Is,Nozaki
Visibility :20m

Weather : Rainy/Cloudy
Ground Temperature : 24℃
Water Temperature :25℃
Wind Direction : South(5m/s)
Swell : 3m

By Bibi & Heitor

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