Super friendly and helpful!! | Diving + Snorkeling

The exchange students from Norway decided to take a break from the busy Tokyo city and join us in a mix of experience dive and snorkeling activity.😍

A very fun dive, the instructor is very helpful and you really get to explore the coral reefs and see a lot of fish.
The level of freedom you get also helps you to immerse yourself in the activity and some great photo offer.
Tall one
Had a great time snorkeling at the beach.
A lot to see and the guide was super friendly and helpful.
A fun experience. Next time I will do the diving, seems to be a lot of fun.
Were able to see a lot of different fishes and the feeding part was fun.
Would like to have weight belt next time.

They had lots of fun and we are waiting for then all comeback and do the experience diving all together!!!😎✨

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