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Hi~~~! It is Emi!
Influenza is prevalent at my son’s nursery school ! OMG!!
Let’s prevent infection!

Wonderful weather at Kerama Island, with a really nice couple from Taiwan!
Eason could practice his skills on skin diving while recording every thing on his brand new gopro, while Bonnie could relax just watching turtles and the beautiful corals.
They definitely could check the “Kerama Blue” on this trip😄.
We are waiting for then again, and on the next, time we will be doing scuba!

Roy, a biology teacher from South Korea came to check Kerama biodiversity.
We had a good chat about the importance of caring more about our oceans.
We really hope he can transmit it to his students and we are looking forward to dive with him again😎

↓Today’s comment💖

Amazing trip with Bibisan. I came to experience scuba diving for the first time and everything was explained clearly.
I originality planned only one dive but enjoyed it so much I ended up diving three times!! Highly recommend!!【Roy】

Very good. so nice!
I will go black here.
You are very attentive.
We will go there next time.Thx.【Eason Chou Weihsiang】

Very good !!
This is very good experience, but we english isn’t well be fine, and go there again!
Thanks😎💖【Bonnie Liu】

Weather : Sunny
Ground Temperature : 28℃
Water Temperature :26℃
Wind Direction : East-Southeast(2m/s)
Swell : 1.5m
Diving point :Kerama Island
BY Bibi&Heitor

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