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Afternoon guests was from Canada ☆
His wife has a license card ! The sea in Canada is so cold ! Wet suit is 8 mm!lol

At todays beautiful afternoon, Stuart joined us to do a experience dive for the first time in his life!!
He was super confident and I guess it was because besides having us to guide and instruct him, he also brought his wife Astrid, a divemaster to dive with us.
What a really nice couple!
And to see the smile on the face of our cutomers (and also friends) after a dive is priceless for us!!!
Hope Stu keep on diving and take his diving course, and more than that, we hope to see and dive with both of then again 😎✨.

It was exciting tomato anemone fish and to feed !

↓Today’s comment💖

My first dive experience was amazing. My wife and I had a great time.
The guys did a great job making me feel safe in the water.
I’d definitely recommend checking it out!   【Stuart】

Awesome dive experience!
We got to see so many colorful fishes.
Our dive instructors were also amazing!    【Astrid】

Have a nice day.🌟

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