They make this experience from better to BEST!!! | Snorkeling

Hi~ This is Emi! (^^)!
Today he came to the inquiry in the morning,
He is from Taiwan.

The visibility was perfect ~~~~ 👆✨

There was enough water depth.
I swam a lot more than usual ~😂
I thought I was in Kerama

↓Today’s comment💖

It’s amazing experience.
Water is clear and I can see a lots of fish swimming in the water.
And my coach & Emi, they are so kind and patient, they make this experience from better to BEST!!!!【Aqua】

Thank you for coming today Aqua~~~~~~!

Weather : Cloudy
Ground Temperature : 24℃
Water Temperature :26℃
Wind Direction : North-northeast(5m/s)
Swell : 2→1.5m
Diving point :Cape Maeda/backside beach
BY Emi&Heitor

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