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Hi~ This is Emi.

Today We had a reservation for boat course,
Customers from Denmark.
Of course the boat was canceled due to typoon.
Talking about that, they said “OK even from the beach! Even if it is far, OK!”
Very early in the morning We went to the Gorilla chop in Sakimotobu. ✨

↓Today’s comment 💖
Great experience very skilled guide, quality gear and lovely dive.
I now want to get a diving certificate![Andreas]

Today dinving was very lovely beautifuly fish 🙂 [Gitte]

Great smile💖

Please come again 😉

Weather : Cloudy
Ground Temperature : 29℃

Water Temperature :28℃

Wind Direction : East-northeast(11m/s)

Swell : 5→6m

Diving point :Sakimotobu Gorilla Chop

BY Bibi&Heitor

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