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Today’s custommer from Hongkong.
They are so heartful family 😄

Today’s comment 💖

Superb diving experience.
The instructor is very patient to teach us and takes good care of us.
He knows how to find the prettiest coral reef and we were lucky to see so many  of marine living things.
Would definitely recommend to friends who come to Okinawa to dive or try diving!!【Estella】

It’s nice!! Staff are so helpful.【Teung Sum Yar】

Thanks Nissy and Eight!
Staff are so helpful and friendly.
We saw nemo and a lot different fishes!
Soft corals are so colorful and amazing.
Definitely a worth-going experience!!【Jacky】

Fishes are beautiful. so much fun!!【Tso Choi Ha】

Typoon №24 is approaching Okinawa🌀
Be safe !!😞

Weather : Rainy

Ground Temperature : 28℃

Water Temperature :27℃

Wind Direction : North-East(8m/s)

Swell : 4m

Diving point :Sunabe (Miyagi coast)

BY Nissy&Heitor

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