AMAZING(゚д゚)! | Discover Diving

Today we went to Sunabe seawall for experience diving.
The guests were beautiful girls from France.
Weather was so warm.

Today’s comment↓

It was my first experience diving and I really enjoyed it.

The monitor knowl how to put you in confidence everything way well explained.

It makes for a safe and enjoyable time under water .

I’d definitely recommend and I’m looking forward the next time I can try,

maybe going a little deeper.

.                  ELODIE

A good start .

Amazing experience I really enjoyed this experience and the staff was super friendly and cool.

I felt safe although my ears hurt with the pressure.

I highly recomend the course.

+Photos and videos underwater!Cool!

.                   SARAH

Thank you for comin’ Elodie and SARAH!!

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